Auction Ron Brunk Inc.
Brunks Auction

Brunks Auction has 2 options for personal property liquidation.  We can either

  • purchase your items outright by offering a one lump sum bid - or -
  • we can agree to consign your items through our next auction

Generally there are 3 to 4 auctions per month.  Auctions are advertised in the local newspapers, to subscribers through our email notifications, here on our site and through our favorite - 
word of mouth!

If personal property is purchased, whether it's the contents of an entire house or a single item we remove them from your residence and transport them to our facilities free of charge to you. Payment is made at the time of pick up. If you choose to consign your items, you may make arrangements for their transport or we will be happy to help pack and haul the items at a nominal fee. Our sales commission fee is 25%. Consignment payment (by check) along with a detailed invoice of your items are mailed the Friday following the auction in which the consignment was sold or it can be picked up at our office.

When calling us for an appointment please provide us with a list of your items, an approximate age, and condition of those items along with your thoughts of how much you would like to get for your items. This information is important to us.  We are very aware of the current market trends of antiques, collectibles and quality used furniture at auction and are interested in your satisfaction of our services.  

Office hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
10109 Grand Ave; Sun City, AZ 85351